This is my first blog post and still unsure about its relevance. It’s not that my ideas and experiences aren’t relevant to leaders and companies. They most certainly are! It’s just being of the generation that used a typewriter to compose my term papers for undergraduate and called on more than one occasion a “digital immigrant”, I am unsure if anyone will read these posts. If you do – my promise is to make the topics of interest and value-add. And if you don’t, I’ll probably never know it. Though personally I think you will be missing out.

Today was the transition day for on-boarding MB Deans as Sales and Marketing Executive for ClearVision Consulting. While the idea has been percolating for the last few months, the opportunity came available last week. We will officially announce her presence next week in a Press Release –so stay tuned. It is due to coaxing on MB’s part that this blog is actually seeing the light of day.

Moving past all the formalities, this transition reinforced for me the importance of seeking out and partnering with people that complement your strengths. All of us have qualities and knowledge that make us unique and valuable contributors. Part of the equation is figuring out what those are. Call this the self-awareness piece. Personality tests or assessments can help clarify this if you are unsure. The more important part of the equation is identifying those qualities and strengths that compliment yours, and then cultivating those relationships. How boring and chaotic the world would be if we only associated with like-minded and similar people. Leaders would be absolutely cast adrift if they didn’t have differing viewpoints and people that challenged their thinking, both on their leadership team and throughout the company.

Take for example the mess at JC Penney. The JC Penney Board brought in former Apple Inc executive Ron Johnson to serve as CEO and turn around its retailing business. He in turn loaded his leadership team with ex-Apple employees. Talk about similar mindset and focus. And now we wonder why it’s a chaotic mess that the JC Penney Board gets to sort through.

Question – What are you doing to cultivate relationships with people who compliment your strengths? They may aggravate and challenge you, but isn’t that all part of growing and developing ourselves.