I recently presented a jointly sponsored breakfast seminar for my clients and those of Stark Miller Benefits. The topic title was “Engaging Your Diverse Workforce” and how to tap into multi-generations to improve workplace effectiveness. After discussing business successes and challenges related to multi-generations in the workplace, along with why their presence is necessary for good business, I outlined the five universal factors that will improve overall workplace effectiveness. They include:

  • Set clear expectations of what’s required
  • Ensure accountability through measurable results
  • Provide ongoing feedback
  • Offer development opportunities, both short and longer term
  • Treat people as business owners

As the group was discussing the key points, one of the attendees commented that this all made sense. The problem he shared was not in the concepts presented, which many people know and understand, but rather in the implementation. My laughing reply was “No, this isn’t rocket science, and that’s why people hire me. To achieve implementation of what they often know they need to do.”

It’s similar to what I heard from Marshall Goldsmith a few weeks ago with respect to how individuals change. Identifying the discreet behaviors that one needs to change is easy. Actually making the needed changes, that’s the difficult part. His comment, “If it was easy, there wouldn’t be a need for me.”

I don’t mean to make light of the organizational or individual diagnostic field, which is both an art and science for identifying what needs to change. However, whether you’re attempting to change individual behavior or implementing needed organizational changes, realize that knowing what to do is much easier than actually making the change.

For both individual and organizational change, focus on a few key improvement areas. What are those discreet specific activities that will have measurable results? Then enlist support, either internally or externally (though I’m biased to the need for an external perspective), recognize your wins along the way, and maintain focus until the change is sustainable.

And if you need help – either identifying your needed changes or making progress towards implementation, give me a call and let’s talk.