Why is it that women feel they must be doing something or caring for someone all the time? It must be baked into the female DNA to always be on the go, involved in some activity, and taking care of someone else, be it their boss, children, partner, pet, etc.. As one woman shared, “If I’m not busy, I feel like I’m letting someone down.”

There has been a lot of research, writing and talk about the “flow” that high performance individuals can experience during their day. It is the ability to be highly productive, completely engaged and so mentally focused that you don’t even realize the passing of time. Having spoken with people who have experienced this flow (and yes, even I’ve been blessed with it) there is a corollary that when you engage in what you love to do, have the skills and aptitude for the task, and receive positive support for what you are doing, you can achieve this flow much more regularly.

Taking all this into consideration, I think one of the easiest ways to achieve this flow state is to allow yourself the opportunity to unplug, disconnect and carve out time to recharge. It’s the opportunity to enjoy the show of life as it unfolds; relishing the simplicity of just observing. This hit me as I was sitting on a hillside here in Ireland.

My husband and niece, with whom I had been walking, decided to continue down a steep hill to explore the water’s edge. I, surprisingly, decided not to join them.  Always the adventurer and explorer, I couldn’t believe when I heard myself say, “Go without me. I’m sitting this one out.” So there I was, watching them hike down the slope, walk along the water, and then veer towards an ever-beckoning trail of underbrush. As I sat, just gazing at the lovely expanse before me, three swans went swimming by. As soon as they heard my family traipsing back they immediately ducked for cover. It was quite a sight to glimpse.

Here’s my question – when do you take the time to just witness the show of life? When are you still and quiet enough to witness the swans right in front of you? For you see, they are always there. But if you’re rushing you may completely miss their beauty, grace and serene presence on the river of life.

Enjoy the flow when you achieve it, but allow yourself the opportunity to disconnect, unplug, and just observe.

ACTION: Carve out time in your active life schedule to just observe what’s going on around you, whether at work, at home, in nature, or somewhere else entirely.

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