During my time in Ireland several friends have asked if I imagined living here five years ago. The honest answer is no. Nor did I imagine that my husband and I would be talking about the possibility of buying a house here, but the dream of living abroad has been uppermost in my mind since I was young.

Living into the future doesn’t mean that you know exactly how the future will take shape. Click To Tweet

A colleague of mine, who has traveled extensively, once remarked that living abroad had always been in his life plan. Yet how that would manifest he was never quite sure. And then he started dating a Frenchman who owns property in France. They now live part of the year in the US, and the remainder in France.

Living into the future doesn’t mean that you know exactly how the future will take shape. It’s not like you look forward and immediately see what your life will be. Of course there may be glimpses, like looking into a windowed archway and seeing a tree clearly in the distance.

I was reminded of this on a recent trip my husband and I took to the town of Kildare. I was on a quest to learn more about St Brigid of Kildare and the holy community she established. St Brigid is second only to St Patrick  as one of Ireland’s most well known saints, and her community is mentioned as one of the learning centers for Sister Fidelma (Sister Fidelma is a dalaigh (legal representative) and nun who solves mysteries in a series of popular novels set in medieval Ireland written by Peter Tremayne).

Part of our trip included visiting the Solas Bhride, a Christian Spirituality Centre run by the Brigidine Sisters. During our visit I was ushered into their community rooms, and could immediately imagine myself facilitating a day-long retreat there. It was just a glorious room filled with lots of light, potent symbolism and a lovely contemplative area. These are rare glimpses into the future that must be cherished to bring to fruition.

Living into the future is a multi-staged process that involves:

  • Digging into and unearthing long-held dreams and interests you have kept hidden and shuttered
  • Examining them in the present light to be cherished and nurtured
  • Building around those dreams small actions that will infuse them with energy and intensity
  • Sharing your dreams and small actions taken with those who will support and help them to grow
  • Taking action to make them a full-blown reality

What’s really fun about living into the future is not just seeing your dreams come to fruition, but realizing that the reality is much more wonderful than the dream ever was. No, I didn’t imagine living in Ireland. Yet the people I’ve met, places visited, and insights revealed are so much more incredible than I could have ever anticipated.

ACTION: What dreams and interests do you want to unearth and realize into the future? Take action now to make them a reality.

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