I recently attended the birthday party of a friend who was turning 70. For the bash she invited fifty of her closest friends to join her for a Commodore Yacht dinner and dancing cruise around the San Francisco Bay. She asked everyone to come in their favorite pirate costume. She even hired buccaneer pirates to add to the festive atmosphere.

Her persona for the evening, Disco Pirate Captain, set the mood for a joy-filled evening. This is a woman who refuses to let the number of years define her. She was in rare form that night out on the dance floor, jiving to classic 70’s music, and encouraging everyone to join her in a dance circle. As friends we helped her celebrate her natal day. As women we reveled in her joie de vivre, and wondered what elixir she secretly took at night.

There is no magic elixir for youth. Or is there? #ClearPathForward #Women Click To Tweet

Unfortunately, there is no magic elixir for youth. Or is there? While there may be no secret potion you can sip to roll back the years, there is one you can mentally use to transform how you appear to others. It’s simple: your attitude towards your life. As the saying goes, “You are only as old as you feel.” How you project from the inside is what people see on the outside. I’m not talking hair color, wrinkles, and achy joints. Because believe me, I know my Disco Pirate Captain friend well enough to confirm that she experiences all of these age-related symptoms.

The difference is that she doesn’t think of herself as old. She sees herself as a vibrant woman who has so much to learn and contribute to the lives of those around her. She travels the world with an authentic joy for life. Her vacations, while to exotic locales, are low in cost and high in exploration and connecting with the locals.

She volunteers at several nonprofits, loves attending gala functions to help support her favorite charities, participates in courses on every imaginable topic, and is even taking a beginning ballet course. As she shares, “I may never be a prima ballerina, but I can at least learn the steps and have some fun.” In my eyes, she will always be a prima ballerina. Not for her skill at dancing, but because whenever she is with people, she is the center of attention. You just can’t help but want to be next to the magic of her spirit and passion.

ACTION: What steps are you taking to exude youth, vitality and vibrancy? Start with how you feel when you wake up in the morning. Embrace the new day and ask yourself, “What can I contribute to those around me?” If you waver, ask yourself, what would Kathy’s Disco Pirate Captain be doing?

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