Victoria Falls, identified as the largest waterfall in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an enormous force of nature. Located in Southern Africa, Victoria Falls stretches over 5,604 feet across, crops at a height of 354 feet, and is located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

When you approach the falls you are first greeted by a deafening roar. The energy of this wonder literally feels like its surging through your body. And then the mist, which envelopes you in sheets of water, rises from the gorge below. (This phenomenon of heavy mist is most prevalent during the region’s rainy season from December thru March). Stepping closer to the cliff edge, you strain to the see the cascading water, with only white clouds visible. As you continue to gaze, the wind subsides and you catch glimpses of the actual cascading water. You know there’s majesty and magnificence there, just behind the mist, waiting to be revealed.

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Designing your life is like catching glimpses of those spectacular waters behind the mist; emerging as yet unformed and amorphous, just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes you are so clear, with a crystal vision for your life, while at others it can be fuzzy and unclear, fraught with frustration and challenges.

So how do you envision what you want for your life? How do you enable your dream to emerge from the mist clouding its possible reality?

Your redesigned life begins with a dream, or maybe it’s just a kernel of a thought that tickles at the back of your brain. It’s a question that niggles at you, in the least expected of moments. When you sit gazing out the window, taking a shower or lying in your warm bed, it intrudes into your thoughts and invades your very being. It’s that unbidden question of What If? What if I took a gap year to reassess my priorities? What if I chose to take charge of my life instead of just letting it happen? What if I left my safe job for the unknown?

How do you bring your dream forward out of the enveloping mist? How do you grant yourself permission to give this dream shape and form and the opportunity to come into being? Here are some ideas:

  • Writing or Journaling – There is something magical when your dreams are brought forth from your mind onto pages before you. Whether it’s typing in your computer or taking pen to paper (your preference), attempt to translate your amorphous meanderings to actual words and sentences. Give them shape and meaning to become not just a dream, but an actual future. It may be only a stream of consciousness, but grant it life to take secure hold.
  • Vision Board – For some, the act of writing is too structured. It takes the fun and joy out of the dreaming process. When that happens, add an artistic facet to your visioning. Start with visualizing the look and feel of your dream. As you browse through reading materials, such as newspapers, magazines, electronic media, collect images that align with your thinking. Maybe there are pictures from childhood that capture the energy and excitement you want to convey? Next, assemble them. If you’re so inclined, you can use programs to do this electronically. If you’re more tactile, you may relish the old-fashioned method of cutting and pasting a collage together. The point here is convey through media what your mind is already envisioning.
  • Recording Your Vision – If writing or creating a vision board would take too much time, pull out your phone and start speaking your thoughts out loud in a voice memo. If you don’t have a phone you can record on, then use a more traditional voice recorder. Whatever the device, take the opportunity to verbalize your innermost dreams. It’s a vital step towards making them a reality.

Life is just too short to let it pass by without making the effort to design your dream life. It is possible to live a life that is joy-filled, purpose-driven and abundant. Don’t let the mist cloud your thinking and hide your dream life in its vapors. Clarify what you’re looking for, step to the edge and, when the winds of frustration and challenge dissipate, stand in wonder and awe as you glimpse what your redesigned life holds in store.

ACTION: What action can you take today to envision your redesigned life?

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