When people speak about r rainbows it’s as if they’re imbued with magical qualities. They are the bridge to heaven and the great beyond. In Irish folklore they are associated with leprechauns and gleaming pots of gold. Metaphorically they represent happiness and all that is good and beautiful. And, in truth, when you find a rainbow, I dare you to not feel a sense of wonder and awe as the rich spectrum of colors are revealed in water mists.

For me, I see rainbows as the unexpected opportunities and visions that we experience in life. Those people that you talk to who have just the right information that you need, even when you didn’t realize you needed it.

Such was the conversation I had yesterday with a long time friend. I called because I learned she was out looking, yet again, for a new job. My call was to provide solace and empathy; what I discovered was someone who was upbeat, ready and prepared for the hunt, and excited by some new opportunities already being revealed. Additionally, she shared some information from a past trip to Scotland that will be most helpful when I travel to Scotland in August.

Too often we get caught up in the day-to-day toil of our lives, and forget that there are rainbows all around us. When we keep our focus only on what’s in front of us, we miss the the unexpected. So what does it take to be more in tune with the rainbows around you? How do you become a lightning rod for the rich spectrum of light beckoning to you? A couple of insights:

  • Take time each day to look up from the immediate task. Whether it’s scheduling 30 minutes of window gazing, a walk in nature or just basic meditation, take the time to check out and be quiet.
  • Relish the little tasks, not to get them checked off, but for what they can teach you. If you’re writing an email, making phone calls, or preparing for a meeting, put your whole self into the exercise, with limited multi-tasking. Then, when that call you are making reveals some unexpected opportunities, you’re fully focused and ready to receive.
  • Stay in the moment, for whatever you are doing. Being present and fully concentrated enables you to respond and extract so much more from the activity. In addition to recognizing the rainbows, your exchanges with others will be more rewarding for all concerned.
  • Be fully refreshed with sleep, healthy eating and exercise. When you’re exhausted and tired, trying to do anything is like pushing a boulder up the hill. It wears you out just thinking about the task, even before you start.
  • Maintain a balance between work and play. Both are necessary, and one without the other is like a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly. Metaphorically it is clingy, sticky and tough to masticate, but with the jelly it adds a gooey, sweet, and delicious quality. (As for me, I like peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches, but you get the meaning!)

There are rainbows all around you, ready to reveal themselves. As my coach, Alan Weiss, shares, “No one is shooting bullets at you.” You can look up, around, and enjoy this life you are living. And the more enjoyment you allow yourself to experience, the more the rainbows will shine upon you.

ACTION: Starting today, take one action that will enable you to be more mindful of the rainbows around you.

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