Have you ever felt like the world was crashing down upon you? No matter what you did or said, it was all going topsy turvy? When a myriad of disasters relentlessly kept occurring, and you couldn’t seem to catch your breath before something else happened just as devastating? The most horrendous for me was one year in which, within a two month period, I endured the death of a close grandparent, being stalked by a rapist, my brother’s untimely passing, and my mother’s mental break-down. Later, whenever I’d be faced with a crisis, I’d compare it to that two month period of time and  think, “I can handle this, it wasn’t as bad as when . . . “

Yet the question still stands, what do you do when you feel the world is crashing in on you? How do you tap into that wellspring of resilience and face each new day with whatever it brings? Well, believe it or not, you can prepare yourself, at least in a general sense, for the unthinkable.

  • Cultivate and Grow Your Support Team. Because you never know what life’s going to throw your way, you always need to be cultivating and growing family, friends and colleagues who you can call upon. Not that you should act with immediate reciprocity in mind, but make a conscious effort to be someone who cares and supports others. Even if you don’t feel you have the time, when a friend calls wanting to talk, make the time. When you know someone is struggling, such as with a debilitating disease, think of what action you can take to support them; perhaps bringing a favorite book to share and making dinner for them. These little gestures make you feel good, realize your current blessings, and build cache if the tables are ever turned.
  • Build up Your Reserves. Think of yourself as a hibernating animal, storing up reserves against the coming winter. Whether it’s financial, extra provisions like food and water (You never know when the next earthquake will strike), or just keeping yourself in physical shape through better habits and more sleep —  all are reserves you may need to call upon when the unexpected occurs.
  • Deepen Your Belief in a Higher Power. Regardless of what you determine as your higher power, a spiritual being, nature, or supernatural power, acknowledge that there is a  force out there greater than the visible sum of our earthly realm. And whatever you determine, deepen your belief in its power. As many of you who read this blog know, I’m Christian and believe in the supreme deity of one God. There are others who may believe in some other source, which is fine. The point here is that, when faced with the mortal world crashing upon you, being able to acknowledge a far greater power out there helps to put things in perspective. A realization that regardless of everything that’s occurring, there is a far greater universe out there beyond comprehension.
  • Establish a Happy Place. Where can and do you go to get away from all the icky stuff happening around you? Where’s your happy place to escape and put the world around you into perspective? Some people meditate, others do yoga. As for me, it’s standing on the beach and watching the crashing of the waves. Whenever I stand there the troubles of the world fade to oblivion. In comparison to the tidal action my problems seem so small and insignificant.

There are times for all of us when we feel like the world is crashing around us. When that happens, reach out to your support team, tap into your reserves, go to your happy place, and commune with your higher power. These will help you to endure whatever life has in store for you.

ACTION: Looking over the list above, what is one thing you can do today to prepare for the world crashing around you?.

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