“I was down to the wire on preparing for my opening keynote at a statewide conference and Kathy did an amazing job of helping me create a GREAT intro, edit my existing material so it would be impactful and effective, and coaching me on delivery (change voice here…). My speech was a success and I am forever indebted! Kathy is a great coach, she asks the right questions and knows when to push or not. I’m one of the leading content experts in my field and Kathy’s input will help others better understand the concepts I am putting forward. I had such a great experience working with Kathy as my coach, I plan to bring her in to improve our already highly rated training and follow up support. With Kathy’s help I’m confident we can go from “very good and excellent” to “Fantastic.””

Donna MilgramExecutive DirectorInstitute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science