Group Work

Groups (or teams if you prefer) navigating change require a facilitator to more quickly see the path forward, uncover group opportunities, and accelerate growth and development.

Why Work With Kathy?

  • Receive a step-by-step process for working more effectively together
  • Third-party truth teller to identify and circumvent barriers to progress
  • Improved communication between group members
  • Build upon group capability to increase output (i.e. make decisions, resolve problems, obtain buy-in)
  • Increase meeting effectiveness and shorten meeting times

What Is Kathy’s Hourly Charge For Services?

There are no hourly charges. There is one cost we negotiate upfront. Factors considered:

  • Your budget and the results you want to achieve.
  • Type of relationship needed for change – facilitator (during the meeting), coach (for the leader and/or individual team members), coordinator (meeting planning and follow-up), and adviser (in-the-moment insights and recommendations). All or some of these relationships may be helpful.
  • Time – how frequently we need to meet. Some groups need more face-to-face time upfront to see them in action, plan for meetings, etc. Others do not. It depends on where your group is in their journey of working together.
  • How long for the group work – shortest time has been a few weeks and the longest has been six months. Again, this depends on the group’s journey of working together.

What Does Kathy Expect Of Me?

  • Open and willing to work more effectively together
  • Interest in becoming more self-aware (both individually and as a group)
  • Take responsibility for improving (both yourself and the group)
  • Carve out time between group meetings to accomplish tasks
  • Contribute fully during group meetings

Rave Reviews:

“Kathy is incredibly thorough in her preparation. The amount of work she did up front to listen and understand the team’s mission, makeup, and dynamic allowed her to facilitate an extremely effective session that exceeded expectations. I highly recommend Kathy Hart and ClearVision Consulting to any organization or team looking to improve group facilitation and collaboration skills.”
Matt K. McCaulley, DBIA, LEED AP, STSC, Director of Operations, Hensel Phelps

“The results of her work pinpointed what was needed to effectively improve our talent development efforts. Kathy took the guesswork out of the equation, and propelled us significantly forward to achieve our mission. Besides bringing her amazingly clear and focused insights on how to tackle the problem, Kathy is such a delight to work with. She challenged our thinking, celebrated our successes, and deeply cared about how to inspire and engage our managers. I would strongly recommend her services to support your organizational effectiveness efforts.”
Jennifer Foley Clack, Director, Genentech

“I am glad that you were the one facilitating our meeting. It was eye-opening for me and I truly, truly appreciate your ability to handle the group, to respond appropriately, to remain professional and above all, be supportive of everyone.”
Dara TomCommunications & Public AffairsAlameda Co. Office of Education